Four Easy Steps to Make a silicone mermaid tail at Home

Do you want to dress up as a mermaid? Because it isn’t that hard to make your own silicone mermaid tail at home; sure, it might take some time, but you might be surprised by what you can do with a few tools.


+How to Make a Silicone Mermaid Tail

1). First off, you need to get a mermaid fin with a single blade. Swimming fins are necessary because they avail greater resistance when you are swimming. They will ensure that your mermaid tail actually does what you expect. While monofins would be the best choice, you can always buy and duct-tape two swimming fins together.

2). Place the swimming fins on your feet, place them on a cardboard and trace the shape of your legs; you can also use cardstock when creating the necessary pattern for your measurements. You can always use math to determine the necessary measurements, but simply tracing out the necessary lines on cardboard will deliver more accurate results; you do not have to worry about the tail not fitting at the end of it all.

3). Buy some silicone fabric. Fold it into two, trace the pattern from the cardboard into the fabric and pin it using straight pins. The idea is to join the two fabrics.

Using sharp scissors make precise cuts along the traced lines. Make an allowance of one or two inches on the fabric at the top of the waistline area.

4). You can now join both sides of the fabric by sewing down both sides. Accurately follow the pattern. By this time, you should have removed the pins. The fabric must be accurately sewn to the monofins. A sewing machine will save time. Do not forget to sew the fabric at the waistline area.

You are also encouraged to include a zipper here. It will eliminate any difficulties you might encounter while trying to slip the tail on and off.

And that is how to make your own silicone mermaid tail

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