Silicone Mermaid Tail Polyester and Spandex Swimmable Suits


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The good thing about these cheap silicone mermaid tail is that you not only get the freedom to buy them quickly, but it is also very easy to use. To be a mermaid using these tails, a girl just needs to slide her feed inside the prop like she is wearing a pant and that will do the trick. Another good thing about this option is that it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can get one for your girl regardless of her age or size. And she has any kind of special preference for color or other things, and then you can search for that also, and you can find an answer easily.

After hearing stories of a mermaid, many girls want to become a mermaid, and they share this wish with their parents. Indeed, this is an impossible and non-practical requirement, but parents do try various methods to fulfill the desire of their daughter. Well, if your baby girl also has the same wish and you want to fulfill that wish for her happiness, then you can buy cheap silicone mermaid tail for her easily. You can easily buy them from the internet and you can fulfill her wish without any trouble.

Supported shoe sizes for the Swim Fin are Male 1-6, Female 2-7 and Euro Size 33-39.

The bandeau top for girls can be purchased separately.

Kids tail sizing

3T: (Waist: 17″-21″ & Waist to Heel: 20″-24″),

6: (Waist: 21″-24″ & Waist to Heel: 24″-28″),

8: (Waist: 23″-25″ & Waist to Heel: 28″-32″),

10: (Waist: 24″-27″ & Waist to Heel: 32″-34″).


Adult tail sizing

XS: (Waist: 25″-28″ & Waist to Heel: 34″-37″)

S: (Waist: 28″-31″ & Waist to Heel: 34″-38″)

M: (Waist: 31″-34″ & Waist to Heel: 36″-40″)

L: (Waist: 34″-37″ & Waist to Heel: 38″-42″)


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