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Product Description

Our website works to give efficient services and ensure all lovers of realistic silicone mermaid tails get exactly what they want. We sell beautifully designs silicone tails at great friendly prices to make sure you get the best products available. Because we value aesthetic value for our clients, we offer a wide variety of silicone tails to choose from from our large ever updated stocks so you get exactly what makes you happy. With our products getting great customer ratings out there, its evident that we offer high quality service. Our efficient customer services, make sure you can easily order our products and have them delivered to you quickly so you don’t have to postpone your fun too long. We pay enough attention to detail to ensure whether a kid or a grown up, your tail feels as customized to them as possible to bring out the mermaid in you. Our customer services are amazing and aimed at making your shopping experience beautiful. Quality comes as a prime factor selling our products so you can be sure to receive only the best and avoid the faulty products being made and delivered randomly. Our services are trusted by a big percentage of the silicone products community and our clients rest assured that when they need us, we will be there.

Made from 100% Dragon Skin Silicone
Thick raised scales
Durable, sturdy construction


During Production
We will email or text you when your tail enters production. From there you will receive consistent updates throughout the entire process.  We love your input and will make sure to keep you involved throughout the production time.
The cost of the tail does not include shipping.  A $100 general shipping fee is added to your order which covers most domestic shipping.  However, if due to the weight of your tail and the distance to your destination, shipping costs exceed the $100 fee an additional invoice will be sent for the difference.


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